Edge of the Empire: Criminal at Large

EB's Pirating Trouble

Jevin Flim gets called in by EB to deal with some troublesome pirates. Balro contacts Jevin asking him to investigate pirates that have been attacking ships near the Maw.

Jevin heads towards Nar Shadaa and investigates the Haywire Club, a hive of mercenaries and pirates known for its random acts of violence. He convinces the two bouncers that he is the infamous pirate Captain Gustov and that he is looking for the pirates taking Hutt ships.

Once inside he discovers a Sluissi who used to work as a Hutt slicer. The Sluissi revealed that he had kept access to the Hutt’s system that allowed him to know which ships where theirs and had sold it to a pirate captain named Pondun.

Jevin got this information then killed the Sluissi right on the spot, starting a bar fight that ended once the bouncers launched stun grenades into the bar. Jevin worked out a plan to use the Egregious as bait to lure out the pirates.

While in space they took a shot from a Headhunter but Jevin was able to convince the pilot to take them to the ship and their leader, Pondun. They were brought to the hanger and where swiftly boarded. Although Jevin was able to talk his way into seeing the captain, Content Not Found: zeer and Karden Teraguss killed many of the squads sent to them and stayed holed up in the cargo hold.

Jevin once again was able to convince everyone that he was Gustov and told the guard that Pondun was really working for the Hutts and that the crew should support him.

On the bridge, Jevin meets Pondun who believes he recognizes Gustov. Jevin gets close enough and reverse-pickpockets two frag grenades. When he goes to set them he encounters Soleik who reveals his identity. He activates the charges leading to the ship having massive failure.

Jevin heads back to the ship and along the ways tries to recruit the mercenaries that remained on the ship. After some trouble getting onto the ship they were able to escape. Several ships try to overtake the Egregious but were cut down by Karden and Zeer. Jevin convinces the survivors to join him as his crew.

They all wind up on Bestine where Jevin drops off his new minions. He also takes the time to kill Skitters to prevent any dissension in his ranks.

Ultimately Jevin flew off into the sunset to find the missing ships and the backer of the ship-jackings.


JNeault JNeault

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